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9780749475550Social media has changed the way people write, read, and understand English. The ability to manipulate business English has never been more important than in today’s globally interconnected world. In the second edition of How to Write…Effective Business English, Fiona Talbot employs her four-step Word Power Skills system to help readers write successful business English that conveys passion, not “management speak.” Talbot’s handy guide will help writers impress their audiences, sell products and services, and create brand reputation across a wide range of platforms.

The author believes that:

  • Written English is the primary form of communication in business today.
  • Social media messaging has transformed business writing.
  • Successful business writing uses simple, accessible language.
  • Writers should compose their messages to elicit a response.
  • An effective writer employs a style that conveys personal brand along with company values.
  • Knowing the target audience makes it easier for companies to customize content.

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