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You Said WhatAs Kim Zoller and Kerry Preston explain in You Said What?!, effective communication is vital in the workplace. Building relationships with others means making them feel valued, respected, and, above all, heard. But even the most well-intentioned professionals make common communication blunders. Because professional communication skills are not intuitive, they must be learned and perfected over time.

The author believes that:

  • People are always communicating whether they know it or not, but few people know how to communicate effectively.
  • Communication is not only about the words people speak; it is about the actions people take and how they are understood by others.
  • Everyone has different communication styles and preferences, but in business it is vital to communicate with and be understood by a diverse range of personality types.
  • In today’s business environment, individuals must communicate over a wide range of mediums, including through social media, over email, and in face-to-face meetings.

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