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As we move deeper and deeper into the political season, it has becomes even more apparent that personal image is of utmost importance to candidates. While this is true for politics, it is also something that we should all be aware of as we seek advancement in our own careers, approach job interviews, and present ourselves online.

Alan Barnard and Chris Parker recognize the correlation between political campaigns and success in their book Campaign It!. In their book, they explain that a campaign is a process-driven way of thinking and behaving that can produce success in any area of life. They claim that:

  • Campaigns must have a cause, principle, or aim that will improve some aspect of a current situation. The cause provides the motivation—and sometimes, the courage—to campaign.
  • The audience is the person or group that needs to approve or endorse the communication campaign. Campaigners must take the time to discover their values, beliefs, behaviors, and agendas, and then identify potential communication channels to reach each segment.
  • The campaign is brought to life and the narrative is shared through the integration of activities, which must be properly sequenced and fully integrated so that each one lays the foundation for the succeeding one.
  • As the campaign narrative is told through integrated activities, it should change audience question marks of doubt into exclamation marks of commitment.

To read more, visit http://www.bizsum.com/summaries/campaign-it.

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