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In The Oz Principle, Roger Connors, Tom Smith, and Craig Hickman use Dorothy’s empowering journey from L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz as a metaphor to illustrate the transforming effects of personal accountability and ownership on organizational results. The authors demonstrate how accountability can be achieved through a four-step approach based on practical and proven results: Muster the courage to see it, find the heart to own it, obtain the wisdom to solve it, and exercise the means to do it. When properly applied, these steps enable leaders, managers, and frontline workers in any organization to overcome obstacles and deliver improved bottom-line results.

Whether a company is languishing or thriving, performance invariably improves when employees take on greater levels of personal accountability and ownership. Accountability is an empowering force that produces proven results and provides a solid foundation for long-lasting solutions. Following Dorothy’s journey in The Wizard of Oz, The Oz Principle provides four steps for avoiding victimization and achieving organizational accountability:

  1. See It. A negative situation must be carefully assessed through self-appraisal. There must be a realization that more can be done to achieve the desired outcome.
  2.  Own It. Finger-pointing and blame must be set aside. Ownership and responsibility for a situation and one’s role in it must be shouldered in order to move the organization forward.
  3. Solve It. It is important to find and apply new ideas that may help the organization overcome obstacles and anticipate what is ahead.
  4. Do It. Employees must bravely commit to following through with solutions to achieve the target outcomes.

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