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In The Power of Being Yourself, Joe Plumeri challenges people to be truly authentic in both their professional and personal lives and not shy away from emotion and passion. He gives readers eight universal principles to live by to achieve lasting success, fulfillment, and self-actualization.

Plumeri challenges people to be themselves in their professional and personal lives by using eight principles:

  1. Everyone has the same plumbing.When business is conducted across nations and cultures, it can be easy to overemphasize the differences between people. Differences are just distractions from aspects of humanity that unite people.
  2. Show the way to grandma’s house. Realizing visions requires bringing them to life by associating them with smells, sounds, and all the senses.
  3. Cut your own path. Respect and destiny are attained by courageously following a passion and working hard to be the best and most capable within that passion.
  4. Let sadness teach you. Loss can be a difficult but effective teacher. When people care for their employees, coworkers, family, and friends, they learn what is truly valuable in life.
  5. Look up, not down. Difficult times are a true test of people’s ability to rise above circumstances and stay positive. The willingness to look up and believe that anything is possible brings transformation.
  6. Play in traffic. Getting excited about the other principles will not matter much if people do not then go out and apply them and take action. “Play in traffic” means exposing oneself to opportunities for serendipity.
  7. Make your heart your teleprompter. The heart should be the primary compass in decision making. Tools like data, technology, market research, and consultants should remain tools; they should never be substitutes for what people’s hearts are saying.
  8. You gotta have a purpose!People need a reason to begin each day and to do their work beyond making money.

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