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Today’s fast-paced and high-pressured business environment often requires workers to spend 60, 70, 80, or more hours per week on the job. Unfortunately, productivity tends to decrease as work hours increase, and in this type of business climate, traditional time management techniques may be meaningless and outdated. In What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do, Laura Stack offers a system that allows workers to accomplish more by doing less work. Following her step-by-step Productivity Workflow Formula allows workers to organize their work lives around the tasks that really matter and disregard those that do not. The dozens of strategies that Stack provides help to reduce commitments, distractions, interruptions, and inefficiencies.

Stack’s Productivity Workflow Formula is designed to help streamline time management, reduce tasks, and increase results. There are six primary steps:

  1. Determine what to do: Triage to-do lists and decide to do only what matters most.
  2. Schedule time to do it: Assign time slots and duration for all tasks.
  3. Focus attention: Avoid multitasking.
  4. Process new information: Research, file information, and handle incoming information.
  5. Close the loop: Reduce inefficiencies.
  6. Manage capacity: Focus on physical factors affecting energy.

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