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Today’s business professionals are busier than ever before, and this can lead to a decrease in independent learning and knowledge acquisition. How can companies do a better job at helping their employees access, understand, and apply information? How should they go about designing content to help employees perform better on the job? These questions and more will be answered on Wednesday, February 12th during a free webinar sponsored by EBSCO.

In his webinar “Learn Better and Faster: Helping On-Demand Learners in an On-Demand Era,” Ray Jimenez, chief learning architect at Vignettes Learning, will present on the topic of on-demand learning and how companies can better help employees with their continuous learning needs.

To register, visit: http://www.trainingmagnetwork.com/welcome/ebsco_feb12


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In the December issue of T+D, the article “Six Trends That Will Change Workplace Learning Forever” discusses the increased use of mobile devices in learning. The article cites an IBM study published in January 2010 that defines the two main reasons for mobile phone use as 1) in-field performance support and 2) access to just-in-time information that is specific to a project or task. However, the more important reason for adoption of mobile learning solutions is due to demand:

The need to make social media and mobile learning a part of the workplace to attract, engage, and retain the younger generations is forcing learning professionals to explore new and innovative ways to deliver learning on these inexpensive devices, anytime and anywhere.

The advertising battle between Apple, Android, and BlackBerry emphasizes the enormous growth and advancement of the mobile marketplace. Phones, netbooks, laptops, and tablets are all growing in popularity as consumers and the workforce desire greater mobility in their daily lives. While the Millennials are probably the greatest proponent of mobile technology, it has been adopted by everyone due to the format’s flexibility, timeliness, and utility.

Morgan Stanley estimates that by 2015, more users will connect to the Internet via mobile devices than by desktop PC. This means learning organization will have to design learning solutions that will work for the new, constantly-moving learning environment of its users. The day is coming when on-demand, anytime, anywhere learning will be the norm, and that day is not far off.

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