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No-Drama LeadershipA lack of leadership results in problematic work behaviors, such as poor performance and absenteeism. Unless supervisors take responsibility for good workplace relationships, their companies’ cultures will suffer. The problems start when employees are promoted to leadership positions without the necessary skills and training, which can lead to workplace drama. In No-Drama Leadership, Marlene Chism presents a new model where everyone is a leader–from frontline employees to CEOs. This encourages people at all levels to learn from one another and become more aligned, aware, and accountable.

According to Chism:

  • Supervisors and managers are often the cause of poor employee performance, absenteeism, and turnover. In many cases, they are promoted into positions of responsibility without any leadership training.
  • Leaders must align their companies’ values with their own. Without alignment, they will lack awareness and accountability for the people they manage.
  • Self-awareness is a start, but leaders must also be aware of other people and cultures.
  • Responsible leaders take ownership of situations and are accountable for doing what is required.
  • Decisions are frequently made by leaders without regard for how they may impact others. Good leaders see both the short- and long-term impacts of their decisions.
  • Communication is important to any technical training a company may require. Without good communication skills, drama can result both inside and outside the company.
  • When employees have some control over, or at least an understanding of, the changes happening within their work environments, they are less inclined to resist them.
  • Enlightened leaders address issues immediately and correct course as needed, rather than hoping problems will simply go away.
  • Leaders must put time and effort into understanding their employees to ensure engagement happens in a positive way.

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