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Now more than ever networking has become an essential tool for finding a new job. With the global economy still a year or more away from a turnaround and unemployment in the U.S. hovering near 10%, many are finding even interviews hard to come by these days.

In order to get a leg up in the job market, job seekers need to cast out their fear of networking, stop relying solely on traditional networking practices, and create their own personal brand that can be sold to employers. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal shows how job seekers can use both traditional, face-to-face forums and online social sites to effectively network in today’s diverse job market.

To be truly effective, job seekers must not only be willing to attend industry events, visit job fairs, and use their personal contacts, but must also be willing to create an online presence. A business card is a great tool in a job seeker’s networking efforts, but a business card should also include a website where potential employers can read a prospect’s resume, view photos, and learn something about the person behind the credentials.

Sprucing up your networking skills can go a long way in helping you land a job, but having a working knowledge on how to network will also help you advance once you’re in the job. Like most skills, networking becomes easier the more often you do it, so print some business cards, create a web presence, and start meeting people.

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