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87496889In StandOut, Marcus Buckingham asserts that everyone has their own particular genius that is innate to their being. Buckingham explains that by understanding their strengths and learning how to apply them, anyone can be consistently outstanding in the workplace. Sounding the all-too-familiar cry for innovation as the only way for the United States to thrive and compete, he offers readers an online assessment tool that will identify their top two strengths and provide an analysis of those strengths. He also offers practical innovations, tips, and techniques for using each strength to help people find an edge and win at work.

According to Buckingham:

  • Everyone has their own brand of genius. People may not always be aware of their true strengths, but becoming aware of them can open the door to great personal power.
  • Of the thousands of personal talents that exist, the StandOut assessment distills them into nine main categories: Advisor, Connector, Creator, Equalizer, Influencer, Pioneer, Provider, Stimulator, and Teacher.Individuals top two categories combined can be used to identify their unique strengths and to predict and improve performance.
  • Innovative practices that work in one setting will not always work in another setting unless the person implementing the practices has the same strengths as the one who created the practice.
  • Genius is very precise. When people operate in their “strength zones,” they can learn, understand, and act faster and better than most people. However, once they shift out of their genius zones, performance declines quickly.
  • People should consciously apply their particular genius to everyday situations. By doing this, they can operate at peak levels and avoid accepting new roles that are too far outside their comfort zones.

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