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The Panic Free Job SearchWhile the U.S.  unemployment rate seems to be on the decline, many people still find themselves out of work or looking for a better job. While most people turn to the Internet as a way of finding and applying to job postings, many individuals do so without having a plan in place, which results is wasted effort and poor results. In his book, The Panic free Job Search, Paul Hill offers some advice to these individuals.

Hill states that before searching for a job, it is important for job seekers to understand themselves, their goals, and what kind of job they want. While many job seekers end up applying to jobs they know they won’t enjoy or excel at, Hill believes this is detrimental to the individual and his or her chances of landing a good job. He offers job seekers the following advice:

  • Tame the Inner Beast. Emotions of doubt and rejection must be dealt with before a job search.
  • Find Out Who You Are. Find a job that fits as opposed to trying to fit into the job.
  • Wishes, Dreams, and Goals. People do not obtain what they want because they do not know what they want.
  • Visualization. This involves vividly imagining a positive outcome, which provides the motivation for confidently pursuing it.
  • Search Smartly. Job seekers must understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Build the Resume that Gets Picked. While the style of the resume is important, content is king.
  • Network. Continuously network to be known by as many people as possible.
  • Use Direct Marketing. Direct marketing encourages job seekers to aggressively pursue employers.
  • Ace the Interview. Asking how the job could be done better provides clues to what the performance standards are for the position.
  • Close the Deal. Failure to ask questions sends a message that an individual does not comprehend a job well enough to have questions.

By understanding oneself, it becomes easier to focus ones job search on only those positions that will fulfill personal or career goals.

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