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7 Secrets of PersuasionMost people make decisions so quickly that they may not even know they are making them; therefore, logic seldom has anything to do with the process. Psychological and scientific studies have proven that the brain’s nonconscious, automatic system is responsible for quickly generating impressions that lead to making choices. In 7 Secrets of Persuasion, James C. Crimmins, PhD explains how people can appeal to the brain’s automatic system to impact the decisions of their family members, work associates, friends, or customers.

People can successfully persuade others by:

  • Getting to know the lizard–the nonconscious mental system that makes most decisions without people’s knowledge.
  • Discovering the triggers that quickly engage the lizard.
  • Learning how to speak to the brain’s emotional side.
  • Attempting to change people’s behaviors rather than their attitudes.
  • Giving people what they want–not changing what they want.
  • Unearthing the reasons people respond in certain ways.
  • Focusing on how people feel (or want to feel).
  • Creating an expectation that a desired experience will be superior.
  • Engaging listeners using images and spokespeople with whom they wish to identify.

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