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In more stable times, adaptability in organizations and employees if often neglected. Companies become complacent in the way they do business, and many have an, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” mentality. In more turbulent times, however, adaptability becomes an invaluable skill. Companies and employees who are able to keep a level head and effectively deal with uncertainty are more capable of taking advantage of difficult situations.

Companies are currently facing drastic changes in the way they operate and do business. Layoffs, mergers, and an increased focus on efficiency have all lead employers and employees alike to think differently about the way they work and what truly matters to the business as a whole.

In order to navigate the uncertainties of today, it is important that companies instill the quality of adaptability in all their employees, from CEO to front line worker. A company built on employees who are readily able to handle transition is better positioned than a company that is resistant to change. Companies that are able to quickly and effectively adapt to the new economic realities and take advantage of transformed marketplaces are those companies that will weather the current economic crisis and emerge stronger and better prepared for future success.

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