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In Hiring Greatness, David E. Perry and Mark J. Haluska draw upon 45 years of collective experience to provide an inside view of the executive recruiting process. They show how organizations can develop a structured, comprehensive approach to executive recruiting—finding, hiring, and retaining the best executives while avoiding the judgment errors that have cost some companies billions of dollars. All of the principles, tools, and techniques are illustrated using the story of Perry’s 1,000th search project.

The author believes that:

  • Defining value. Companies must understand that hiring the right senior executive is the most important decision they will make. They must assess what experience and qualities are important, find people with these attributes, and convince the best candidate to join the firm. Under the right circumstances, hiring an executive search professional (ESP) is critical.
  • Set up the search committee. Companies must organize an appropriate search committee and select the best possible chair, who will direct the search, including managing the relationship with the ESP.
  • Prepare. A clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the job is vital to success. A detailed job description is the foundational document, followed by a position profile designed to appeal to the best candidates. A confidential candidate brief will allow candidates to summarize their fitness for the position.
  • Position the opportunity. Proper research increases the likelihood of attracting the right executive. Top prospects should then be recruited directly and earnestly.
  • Find the right fit. Planning for a robust but quick interview process is crucial. Character, intellect, business intelligence, leadership, and emotional intelligence should be assessed. The process should include a face-to-face interview with two recruiters, an interview with the search chair, an interview with the chair and hiring authority, a final interview with the search committee, and a business presentation by the finalist candidate.
  • Carry out due diligence. Checking references is critical in the hiring process to separate fact from fiction and distinguish real stars from professional interviewees. The best references are from people with recent, first-hand experience with the candidate.
  • Seal the deal. Successful offers must meet the needs of the individual as well as the firm. Counteroffers should be anticipated and headed off early in the process.

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