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your-creative-mindMany people mistakenly believe that creativity and innovative potential are static, inherent qualities. In Your Creative Mind, Scott Cochrane offers insight into how individuals can master their minds and unlock their creative and innovative potential, all while taking steps to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

There are five steps that can help people on their journeys to dynamic growth:

1. Be flexible. Stagnation and attachment to business models and market strategies can be fatal. In order to be successful, individuals must be willing to pivot when a shifting market or new technological innovation calls for it.

2. Improve their minds. Creativity can be unlocked by taking steps to ensure that the mind has a proper balance of chemicals and is constantly learning and growing.

3. Maintain positive mindsets. Fearing failure and basing one’s performance on the performance of another are two actions that are destructive to creativity. It is important for people to think in terms of possibilities rather than probabilities, and to focus on positive motivations.

4. Maintain positive relationships. How a relationship is developed determines its trajectory. Business partnerships must be approached with a shared vision of an ideal future that is based on unlocking the potential of all parties involved.

5. Visualize and meditate. Techniques that clear the mind of unnecessary distractions and help to create both inner peace and a heightened focus on objectives are vital tools of a bold mind.

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