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Worry can adversely impact people’s daily lives and the lives of those around them. In How Not to Worry, Paul McGee explores why worry is such a significant part of people’s lives. He exposes some of the behavioral traps people fall into when dealing with life’s challenges and seeks to explore the causes as well as the consequences of worry. After defining worry and discussing its causes, McGee offers practical tools and ideas to help people deal with worries and challenges (real or otherwise) in a more constructive way.

Despite the fact that people in the developed world live a long, healthier, and safer life than at any other time in human history, worry and stress are on the rise. But there are steps people can take to relieve this stress.

  • Manage mental diet. People should be mindful of watching too much “CNN” — constant negative news.
  • Escape “escalators.” People should avoid sharing worries with people who escalate them.
  • Cut the clutter. People should write things down to “declutter” the mind and also declutter their personal space. Clutter creates confusion and counteracts calm.
  • Find the funny. Laughter really is the best medicine.
  • Use music as a muse. Music affects people’s moods, so people should be careful what they listen to.
  • If something cannot be controlled or influenced, people must learn to accept it.
  • To re-tell is to re-live and this is not always helpful.
  • Move on. People cannot start the next chapter of their lives if they keep re-reading the last one.

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