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High-Profit ProspectingIn High-Profit Prospecting, Mark Hunter provides strategies for generating high-profit prospects and turning them into valuable customers. The book discusses the role of prospecting in today’s ever-changing world and provides advice for three different prospecting methods: Internet, email, and cold calls. Hunter dismantles common myths that keep salespeople from prospecting, offers an overall strategic prospecting plan, gives practical guidance for day-to-day prospecting, and outlines steps for landing leads who will ultimately turn into customers.

The author believes that:

  • The most important factor in prospecting success is the prospect’s confidence and trust in the salesperson.
  • Salespeople use common myths as excuses to not prospect.
  • A motivated attitude is as important as any prospecting method.
  • Prospecting success occurs when salespeople follow well-planned strategies every day.
  • Prospecting should be split evenly with the rest of salespeople’s work duties.
  • High-profit prospecting separates suspects from prospects and finds good leads at the top of the sales funnel. In these situations, the buyers are typically strategic minded rather than tactical minded.
  • Instead of focusing on one prospecting method, salespeople should use them all equally.

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