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On PurposePurpose is important to customers and employees alike. In today’s market, three reasons account for the rise of purpose as a defining aspect of marketing and sales: changing consumer values, technological innovations, and a shift in the value base of many developed economies. In On Purpose, Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan offer a guide for creating a brand experience that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Their step-by-step analysis illustrates how a business should define, design, and deliver brand identity and purpose across diverse platforms.

The authors believe that:

  • Successful branding requires companies to establish a clear sense of purpose that inspires both employees and consumers. Brands that design a unique customer experience in line with their core purpose create a culture of profitable sustainability.
  • Purposeful leadership requires making decisions that are in line with an organization’s purpose and values.
  • Successful organizations show that they believe in something, and they deliver value based on those beliefs. Having a customer-centric perspective is the best way for any organization to define its purpose.
  • To keep an edge on the competition, organizations must deliver a unique customer experience that spans across multiple channels.
  • Long-term planning is important for the success of any organization-sustainable delivery of branded services or products depends on creating the right culture for customers and employees.

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